John g taysom

John G. Taysom

John Taysom is a London UK based investor with a portfolio of 30 early stage investments in US and UK. Previously John set up and ran the Reuters Venture Capital arm, The Greenhouse, in Palo Alto in 1995, investing $400m in 82 early internet startups including Yahoo, Verisign, Equinix, and others. In all 12 portfolio companies achieved an IPO. John completed an MBO of the fund in 2002. John is a Visiting Professor at UCL, a Fellow in the Centre for Science and Policy at Cambridge University; an advisor to the UK Office of National Statistics, and to the Founders Factory in London. In 2011 John was a Senior Fellow at Harvard in the Advanced Leadership programme completing research into privacy preserving data mining, for which he was granted two patents and which formed the basis for the UK startup Privitar now backed by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Salesforce, among others.
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