communitas capital portfolio alchemy
communitas capital portfolio alchemy


  • Alchemy has developed the fastest and most reliable Ethereum gateway and is becoming the blockchain industry’s leading developer platform.
  • The company’s Ethereum Infrastructure-as-a-service development platform frees customers from maintaining nodes or API integrations and allows them to instead focus on building their applications.
  • Alchemy’s proprietary technology powers the world’s leading Blockchain Intelligence Platform that provides insights to the largest hedge funds and trading firms.

Investment Thesis

  • Although a massive amount of capital is flowing into the Ethereum ecosystem, the ecosystem itself is in its infancy from an infrastructure standpoint.
  • Alchemy’s team is world-class – AI engineers from Stanford, MIT and Wharton with experience at large technology companies such as Google, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
  • The team has created an industry standard toolkit for the Ethereum dev ecosystem.
  • The result is an easier-to-use development environment compared to direct node-interaction on the blockchain.