Comply Advantage

communitas capital portfolio comply advantage
communitas capital portfolio comply advantage


Headquarters: U.K.

ComplyAdvantage provides AML solutions to financial institutions. The company distinguishes itself by extracting better data and by enabling clients to interact with data more efficiently.

  • Radically different technical architecture, leveraging data science and machine learning to understand risk computationally.
  • ComplyAdvantage has been displacing the competition quickly in its core markets and is becoming the gold standard in AML.
  • The company was founded by Charles Delingpole- former Co-founder and CEO of MarketInvoice.

Investment Thesis & Terms

AML compliance is a multi-billion-dollar business that is growing fast. Post its series A round, the company was already demonstrating strong growth metrics for a SaaS company (tripled revenue from prior year) and had achieved strong traction in a breadth of industries, including banking, insurance, and payments. The Pipeline and sales efficiency are continuing to accelerate

  • Compelling economics
  • Revenue is growing rapidly and is heading towards $12M ARR in 2019.