communitas capital portfolio datavore
communitas capital portfolio datavore


Founded in 2014

Datavore is a business analytics SaaS tool that democratizes data access and insights through a web-based platform, primarily targeting customers within financial institutions.

  • Datavore’s code free platform sits on top of existing infrastructure and allows anyone to access data across siloed sources, automate workflows, and generate meaningful reports and analytics.
  • The company had previously raised $2.7 million without a priced round.

Investment Thesis & Terms

  • Organizations want to leverage “big data” applications to drive decision making, operational improvements, and increased revenues.
  • Datavore is a lightweight and easy to use platform that allows large organizations better visualize and slice and dice their data.
  • In addition to financial services, the company has the potential to scale to other industries (e.g. Healthcare given HIPPA compliance).