communitas capital portfolio gloat
communitas capital portfolio gloat


Gloat is an AI-based career development platform that runs both internal and external marketplace solutions.

  • The company’s internal marketplace is leveraged by large brands to drive personal development, talent mobility, and employee retention.
  • InnerMobility by Gloat uses advanced AI to create a robust internal talent market, where employees are matched with personalized opportunities within their company.

Investment Thesis & Terms

  • Gloat is attacking a massive addressable market of over $30B+.
  • Communitas Capital was very bullish on the inner mobility platform (though it was in its infancy at the time of investment).
  • Large organizations spend millions of dollars each year on hiring, and employee retention is a significant and costly issue.
  • If Gloat is able to improve employee retention by even a small amount, it saves its customers millions of dollars.