communitas capital portfolio graphite
communitas capital portfolio graphite


Founded in 2014

Graphite operates a marketplace that connects customers seeking project work with highly vetted independent consultants and analysts.

  • Customers of Graphite include corporates, professional services organizations, asset managers and enterprises.
  • Graphite is in the process of building a proprietary technology platform that enables customers to manage their entire 1099 workforce.
  • Communitas Capital has been a customer of Graphite since 2017 and the quality of the work has been excellent.

Investment Thesis & Terms

  • Graphite has built a gig economy market solution for high-end “white collar labor” and has a proven track record of customer success.
  • Given the tailwinds in the industry, 36% of the US workers are now involved in the gig economy, this is a market that we believe will continue to grow rapidly.
  • Covid-19 virus will benefit Graphite, as large enterprises will want to convert fixed costs to variable and a segment of the population will want to continue to work at home.
  • Graphite provides talented individuals the opportunity to secure project-based opportunities, even in a challenging job market.