communitas capital portfolio symbiont
communitas capital portfolio symbiont


Symbiont is building the next generation of financial markets infrastructure using blockchain technology.

  • Assembly, Symbiont’s enterprise blockchain platform, creates efficiencies, eliminates manual data replication and reconciliation processes, and enables real-time data sharing with complete privacy.
  • The world’s leading financial services firms, including Citi, Nasdaq, Ranieri, and Vanguard are currently leveraging Symbiont’s technology to manage financial instruments such as loans, mortgages, and other fixed income securities.
  • These financial instruments live in a digital form as smart contracts, from inception through their entire lifecycle.

Investment Thesis & Terms

  • By leveraging Blockchain technology Communitas Capital believes that the costs to manage and issue financial securities will decrease significantly.
  • Additionally, having all financial instruments structured as smart contracts will provide greater transparency and enhanced liquidity.