communitas capital portfolio thasos
communitas capital portfolio thasos


Thasos is an alternative data intelligence firm that, via gathering real-time locations from 100 million+ mobile phones, produces objective and actionable insights.

  • Thasos is now finalizing an agreement with FIS, a large credit card data provider. The combination of measured foot traffic at shopping, restaurant, and other retail locations, tied to the credit card data will enable Thasos to create an even richer platform.
  • With the latest advances in distributed computing, machine intelligence, and privacy, Thasos can transform large datasets at scale to provide meaningful and potentially marketing moving information to a broad range of end users.
  • We view the real estate sector as a key vertical for Thasos.

Investment Thesis & Terms

  • Thasos’s cutting-edge technology enables the real estate, asset management, and retail industries to harness location data in entirely new ways, driving financial returns and operational efficiencies.
  • Thasos began to show good product market fit at the time of the series A1 (roughly $1M in annual revenue).
  • We are confident that there is significant opportunity to expand into the commercial real estate and insurance sectors and further propel revenue growth.