fauad shariff

“[Doug and] The team at Communitas are seasoned business builders who bring a wealth of experience that adds value far above and beyond capital. They are very sensitive to founders needs for feedback, insight and support at all times.
From initial discussion to investment commitment, Communitas conveys an ability to recognize value and how to enhance it within a business, even if it falls outside of their traditional domain of expertise. In short, these guys aren’t “just looking to learn” about your business. Whether they’re “in” or “out” on a deal, there’s a solid reason based on their ability to add value.”

– Fauad Shariff, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, CoLoadX

credit benchmark

“Doug is just the person you’d want on your team. He brings years of industry expertise, professionalism, dedication, and a fresh perspective to everything he does. All of us here at Gloat are very much looking forward to our future collaboration.”

– Ben Reuveni

credit benchmark
Jake and Sanjay

“Communitas is truly a special partner that every startup strives to attract. Tom, Duncan, and Doug provide unparalleled expertise in operating and growing FinTech companies. They have a deep network and a reach across the Financial Services industry that can only be possessed by such seasoned public company executives.”

– Jake Perlman-Garr & Sanjay Venkat, Datavore Co-Founders

tal zvi

“I had the pleasure of meeting Tom and Doug very early on in our fund raising process, and they have been professionals end to end. Since joining our ranks, they have been helpful and value add while giving us the founders the space to operate freely.”

– Tal Zvi Nathanel, Co-founder