communitas capital portfolio coin metrics
communitas capital portfolio coin metrics


  • Coin Metrics is a cryptoasset data company that is positioned to be the leading one-stop information platform for institutions.
  • The company has a product suite that includes blockchain network data, cryptoasset market data, an index franchise as well as a third-party data marketplace.
  • In under twelve months, the company has morphed an open-source network data project into an institutional caliber offering.
  • The Company now has 18 customers, which include large asset managers, investment banks and cryptoasset custodians.

Investment Thesis & Terms

  • If blockchain based assets become a large investing category, then the asset class will need institutional caliber data providers.
  • The market opportunity is significantly larger than just market data.
  • Beyond use cases like compliance where there is proven product market fit, we believe that the Company will develop new products for index creation and the tracking of on-chain asset flows.
  • Given the CEO’s experience as the former Global Head of Pricing and Reference data at Reuters, and Head of Evaluated Bond Pricing at Markit, we believe Coin Metrics is well positioned to be a meaningful industry leader