communitas capital portfolio finlync
communitas capital portfolio finlync
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Finlync is API driven corporate banking solution that enables corporates to manage and own their treasury and cash management systems more efficiently and in real time.

The problem Finlync is solving for is allowing for real-time connectivity between ERP systems and accounting, cash, and treasury management systems (TMS).

Investment Thesis & Terms

  • Communitas Capital believes there will be tremendous value accrual to companies that are able to solve for the current infrastructure and technological issues with real-time payment systems (RTPS).
  • Corporates have a growing need to access real-time data for monitoring and reporting cash positions, P&L, funding and liquidity. RTPS will have a substantive impact on working capital and Finlync’s solution is solving the infrastructural gap and inability of ERP systems to interact with real time payments infrastructure.